Is independent thinking really important in Thai society?

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Is independent thinking really important in Thai society? for westerners Having independent thinking is very important. It can almost be said that it is necessary for every type of business. Due to the global economy is driven and expanding rapidly. as seen today Including the fierce competition in the business. That can said that your business will advance to the top level or not? It depends on thinking outside the box.

Then why, according to the survey results of WorkVenture pointed out that Thai people in this era do not need What about “thinking outside the box” in work? In this recent survey on what skills are most needed at work, creativity is the second least need But it’s still more than a skill. “Use of technology” Which is in the last order! This does not include the next question. that they would most like to learn or develop their abilities? And, of course, the “thinking outside the box” rankings are at the bottom, too

So why should we, the new generation of energetic Thais,

Should pay more attention to the use of independent thinking?

What is the most important thing companies look for in their employees, the answer is, of course, an impromptu one. being creative Have new ideas and can solve problems that It’s even more important than your qualification certificate. Most senior executives tend to think that people have new ideas. There are always new ideas. will able to climb up the working position to a higher level People looking for new ways. Go beyond the limits of your own knowledge. Dare to ask questions and find solutions in other ways. That do not repeat itself. to increase profits for their organizations There is often a faster advancement in work.

What if we don’t pay attention to this?

First of all, if Gen Y people like us (the age who just graduated and started working) still think that having creative skills has no effect on work. We will still be stuck in the frame in the same job position. There is no future progress or growth.

As you know, foreigners pay attention to this matter. And nowadays, new foreign graduates often compete to create works with ideas outside the box in their own way. Most Thai companies have to compete with foreign companies. That is why Thai companies start hiring foreigners to work in management positions and high positions. Because they have problem-solving skills and have more abilities

So how can we develop these skills?

We have a simple and fun way to offer. And there are more challenging methods. That can adapted as well. So let’s start with a simple method first.

1. Listen to music – music stimulates the brain to control emotions. movement including the creation of new ideas Classical music will enhance your potential. As we know well, that is “Mozart Theory” (The Mozart Effect), which listening to Mozart’s music will help stimulate the work process of thought and creativity to work better.

2. Go out for drinks – According to one study, It was found that people who drink alcohol Which is usually about 3 glasses on average, is able to innovate better than someone who doesn’t drink at all. Yes, it’s true! Small amounts of alcohol can make it easier to think outside the box. Able to connect and bring various ideas together 

3. Look at things that are blue or green – as they enhance the performance of our cognitive system. The researchers have said that. When we look at that blue It gives a feeling of the color of the ocean, the color of the sky, or a sense of serenity. while green gives the impression of growth, nature, etc.

4. Laughter – According to research It was found that the mood was cheerful and bright. It will help make it easier to come up with new ideas. Because it stimulates the parts of the brain involved in thinking, perception, decision-making and emotions. So let’s laugh hahahaha

5. Playing Games – This may sound like a contradiction to what one channel reporter in Thailand told me to burn the game. But of course, playing games will help make us feel brighter. It’s like being a charger for us and making us come up with more ideas. for example Tennis game on Wii console etc.