Kovacic won the best shot in PL in January.

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Mateo Kovacic, Chelsea midfielder Received the Premier League Goal of the Month award for January. From the stroke of autumn leaves against Liverpool

in a game at Stamford Bridge on January 2, “Reds” lead Chelsea 2-0, but at the end of the first half Croatian midfielder Fired up hopes for the home team in a volleyball reversal that Liverpool goalkeeper Queen Kelleher punched out.

After receiving such a goal, “Sing the Blues” was furious and equalized before the end of the first half from Christian Pulisic, which in the end, this match ended with a point split. Kovacic

is considered a Chelsea player. The first C to receive the award since Eden Hazard scored against West Ham United in April 2019 in a 2-0 win over Chelsea.

Kovacic said: “I’m surprised. Because I don’t think my own name will have a chance. But fortunately, I shot well against Liverpool. And I’m very happy to receive this amazing award. Ufabet report

“At that time I was just trying to keep Liverpool from reacting. I tried to get the ball into the frame which was very difficult because the ball was so high. In the end I shot well and luckily it went in.

“Throughout his career This is my weakness in scoring goals and creating dangers in the box of opponents. But it’s something I try to practice every day. I try every day to improve this point. And hopefully I can score more.”