How to see Pok Deng, how to count points

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Pok 9 This word, many people probably already know that it is Pok Deng. There are ways to play Pok Deng to win, including how to look at Pok Deng.

Until today, we can play online casino games through the web. No matter where you are, you can play Pokdeng. Pokdeng is one of the games available on the UFABET website, an online gambling website that many people are familiar with. which the method of playing is not much different from the original.

How to see bounce poker The order of points on the face of the cards

For newbies who want to learn to play Pok Deng at our UFABET website should know how to count the bounce cards before How are the scores counted? In fact, counting the points of poker cards is not difficult at all. But knowing the points and knowing how to count cards also plays an important role.

because it will play an important role in decision making To choose your own third card which counting the points of the bouncing cards will count the numbers on the face of each card to count the total points Using only the highest unit digit is 9, which can be seen from this example.

  1. A has a point value of 1, except in the case of a cascading card having the highest point.
  2. Cards numbered 2-9 have the same value as the number on their face.
  3. 10, J, Q, and K are cards that have no points at all, which is 0.