Conte reveals that the ‘Spur’ is lacking so many people

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has revealed that he will need to bring in a training body to compensate for the players missing from the coronavirus crisis.

Conte’s Golden Spikes Chicken Team Had to face problems with the first team of 9 players, many staff members. And players at the U-23 level have contracted COVID-19, causing their matches to be postponed since

last week, most recently Spurs will resume playing normally. It will open the house to find hard work to meet “Reds” Liverpool, which Conte admits that the team faces many obstacles in preparing the team

“for three days we did not practice sessions at all. Then we came back to training with just 10 or 12 players,” Conte said.

“It’s not easy to face this kind of situation in training the team. Having only 12 players is very difficult to work with, usually if you want to practice the system. You need 20 players, it’s not easy to do that right now. You have to practice with the puppets. And I have to stop at all, it’s not like it, “

Conte said. Despite having players recovered from covids back But they are not yet fully prepared. must be carefully monitored

“You have to pay special attention and cannot use them as much as other players. if you rush too much It was at risk of injury, in the current situation. You have to take risks while paying special attention to the players. They need time to get fit again,” added Conte.