“Arteta” received a gun. Good luck to compete today.

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Mikel Arteta said of Arsenal Hill admitted that his team was fortunate to compete as a team. In a scramble for the top four were postponed

army “big guns” of football. spanish Still maintaining good form to beat
Leeds United 4-1 at Allland Road, giving them a 32-point lead over West Ham and Manchester United, who have been postponed this week’s schedule.

“It’s been a very tough week but I’m still happy with the performance and the results. Today we should be happy, “Arteta told BBC Sport after the game

,” our players have come against teams that focus on the body in the Premier League. and must be prepared We had nightmares before coming to the hospital here.”

“The youngsters are learning and they can make a difference in the game. Senior players play a very important role as well.”

“Of course it’s very important to win the game in order to score points.  Senior players play a very It puts pressure on them. We’re really lucky to be playing tonight while it’s all happening. I told the players to enjoy the game today and give it all because I still don’t know how it will turn out.”According to a report from ufabet.