Sleepy often with 6 dangerous diseases that you may unaware of.

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Sleepy often with 6 dangerous diseases that you may unaware of.Many people, especially office workers In the afternoon, my eyes start to feel dizzy, or sometimes I have to get up to make coffee and drink to relieve sleepiness. If I feel sleepy once in a while, I can understand. But if you feel sleepy every day, you need to check your health anyway, because you may be suffering from some kind of disease or not. What diseases will there be according to ยูฟ่าเบท? Let’s find out.

6 Dangerous Diseases You May Facing Unconsciously If you often feel sleepy

  1. insomnia
    Because I can’t sleep, so I’m sleepy. Try to notice yourself that you can’t sleep. Or sleep very late, is it Because you work hard, work a lot, or you stress until you can’t sleep? To make the next day sleepy because I never get enough sleep a day. If so, it should relieve stress. reduce work at night or consult a doctor
  2. Fatigue/chronic fatigue
    It is more advanced than insomnia. Which means insomnia for a long period of time When the body accumulates more and more exhaustion It may also be caused by the consumption of starchy foods. and too much sugar Until resulting in fatigue, sleepiness, poor memory, headache, muscle aches and insomnia. How much sleep is not enough and working-age groups are at the highest risk.
  3. Diabetes
    As already mentioned that the consumption of starch and high sugar can cause drowsiness In addition to chronic fatigue syndrome, it may also diabetes. Because the blood has a high sugar content. And drowsiness is the first sign that shows or warns the body that it is in high blood sugar. lead to diabetes in the near future
  4. epilepsy
    This is seriously sleepy is very sleepy during the day. But at night, my eyes are blind, can’t sleep or can’t sleep well. Or as soon as you fall asleep, you immediately dream. which worsens the quality of life If it was a child, it might be seen as a lazy child. Delayed brain development, inability to study well, or if it is an adult, it may have decreased work efficiency. or even dangerous to life, such as drowsiness while driving or using various machinery It also affects mental health that may become easily irritable. from insufficient rest as well
  5. anemia
    The more women are more likely to have anemia easily. Because the cause may be from not getting enough useful nutrients. (Because women choose to eat more) and also lose blood from menstruation as well. The other cause is still from insufficient rest. Therefore feeling exhausted, often faint, easily tired and slow, lethargic, not bright, therefore often feeling sleepy
  6. a stomach ulcer or other parts of the body
    Frequent loss of large amounts of blood, such as bleeding from stomach ulcers or may lose blood from frequent hemorrhoids. It could the cause of exhaustion. or is in chronic anemia therefore showing signs of being easily tired, fainting, easily fainting, weak and drowsy as well