Medical treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Treating Alzheimer’s disease using modern medicine is still the most appropriate and safest option. Even though it can be done with medication and managed care to help relieve cognitive and behavioral symptoms. Or slow down the symptoms of the disease. The guidelines for treating Alzheimer’s disease are as follows:

  • Planning for assistance and care in both health and social aspects To provide treatment that best meets the needs of patients UFABET 
  • Creating a safe environment for patients The environment should be adjusted to facilitate the patient’s life, such as organizing and installing assistive devices around the house. Including creating habits for patients to use minimal thinking or remembering, such as writing down what needs to be done. Keep essential items in one place to avoid forgetting.
  • Exercising regularly For a healthy body and a clear mind, such as walking, cycling in place. However, there should be a caregiver watching over them for safety and not getting lost.
  • Eating Take care to ensure that patients receive complete nutrition and drink enough water. You may find additional healthy menu items. Such as fruit smoothies mixed with yogurt. And you may add protein for nourishment as well.
  • Medication can help treat some symptoms and temporarily slow the progression of the disease. That is often used is the cholinesterase drug group. Cholinesterase Inhibitors such as Donepezil, Galantamine. And Rivastigmine (Rivastigmine) and sometimes memantine may be used in combination with this group of drugs.