Importance and benefits of DRIs. 

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DRIs stands for Dietary Reference Intakes or daily reference intakes. It is the average value of nutrients suitable for a healthy person. This will help control weight to be within standard limits. Helps to keep the body healthy. and prevent disease related to eating like some types of cancer

Getting to know DRIs in order to apply them in daily life is quite beneficial for health care because DRIs are one of the factors that help strengthen a healthy body. Prevent illness from Chronic non-communicable disease group (Noncommunicable Diseases: NCDs) and reduce the risk of developing various congenital diseases such as stroke, heart disease or cancer, etc.UFABET 

Currently, DRIs are used for health benefits. The set reference amounts of nutrients help us plan and evaluate our daily nutrient intake. Helps avoid getting certain nutrients in excessive amounts. and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases from diet. However, evaluating the nutrients that should be received per day according to the DRIs requires looking at other factors in each person as well.

DRIs are also widely used in the calculation and design of research models. Used to guide eating patterns Plan and follow up on problems related to the public health system. It may also help in planning for dietary counseling for patients.