McGashire ‘Ghost-Swan’ pulls in superstar ‘Bellingham’ to add center

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Liverpool legend Steve McMaanman cheers for Manchester United have signed a contract with Borussia Dortmund’s young talent Jude Bellingham if they want to rise up and challenge the Premier League with another team. to wanting their own old team to pull the star of the England national team as well

The 18-year-old has progressed rapidly since joining from Birmingham City last season. Until he was called up to the senior squad for Euro 2020,

“he (Bellingham) has all the qualities to be a superstar,” Macka told

“When you look through the team And who can buy him, Manchester United need that kind of player as a central midfielder, the likes of Rodri, Ilkan Gundogan, Bernardo Silva as well as the Manchester United side. Tur City don’t have much.

“Liverpool have Jordan Henderson, Thiago, Fabinho, it’s definitely a great contract. But whether Liverpool want him or not It’s another story

. Therefore, Liverpool may draw a central midfielder to add to the team anchor. Even though the team’s midfield looks a bit naughty,

“City can bring him to the team. But now they have a lot of great players. And he will not play if moved here, “

” I think United need middleweight Phil during a Bellingham “

” Nemanja Maarten Beach and Juan Mata is nearing retirement and Paul activates. Ba might move,

so if there ever comes a time when a player like Jude Bellingham is needed, it has to be Manchester United.