Which are the debt recovery solutions for Puerto Rico?

With more than $60 billion in debt, Puerto Rico’s debt has risen to more than 10% of the island’s gross domestic product.

That is more than double the 10% average of all US states.

The island is facing a massive influx of tourists and business travellers from around the world, but has struggled to cope with a massive increase in unemployment.

The island’s population is now the second-highest in the world after China.

But with the island already struggling with chronic shortages of food, medicine and other essentials, it has been struggling to cope.

The government has declared bankruptcy, and the island has been facing a number of attempts to collect the debt.

In the first quarter of 2018, the island made a payment of $9 billion to US banks and financial institutions.

It was followed by $3.2 billion in May and June, but a month later, it had yet to receive any of the funds, according to a Reuters report.

A $20 billion rescue package by the Puerto Rico General Bank in June 2018 was supposed to be a significant contribution to the island, but was scrapped.

Instead, the government proposed that Puerto Rico take over some of the $8.5 billion owed to US and Canadian banks and companies, which the US and Puerto Rico had agreed to in the 2017-18 budget deal.

But this time, Puerto Rican President Ricardo Rosselló said that it was not necessary to negotiate with the US government over the islanders debts.

“We have not negotiated with the Puerto Rican government, and that is why we are not negotiating,” Rossello said in June.

“We are negotiating with the American government.”

Rossello’s government has been unable to collect any of its money in the form of direct payments, according a Reuters analysis.

But in recent weeks, Puerto Ricans have started receiving their money, with many paying the debt by depositing it in a new account.

In June, Puerto Ruíz said that $1.6 billion of the debt was still outstanding and that it had “taken measures to recover some of it”.

But Rossellos administration has not been able to collect its entire $7.3 billion in owed funds, because of a provision in the 2018 budget that allows the government to take over the money in a “partial or partial manner”.

The government is also in negotiations with US banks over a $2.6-billion loan that it received from the US Treasury in 2018, but the US Bankers Association has threatened to take the money out of the bank unless the money is paid in full.

In September, the US Federal Reserve said it was “proud” to have “the strongest and most effective financial resources” in the US to help Puerto Rico, but it had not paid Puerto Rico back any of this money.

The US Treasury said in a statement that it would continue to provide assistance to the Puerto Ricos and Puerto Ricons “in the event that the Treasury issues an order to do so”.

Puerto Rico’s President Ricardo Lucio Vieques said in July that the US was “not negotiating” and that the island had “not taken any actions”.

He also said that the debt owed by the island was “unrelated to the administration’s ability to pay it”.

The Treasury did not respond to a request for comment.

According to the US Department of Treasury, the Puerto ricans $1,000 (£770) minimum monthly payment is the minimum amount that the government is required to pay for each of its citizens.

Its budget has increased the amount of money that Puerto Ricians can be entitled to by more than 200%.

The US Department for the Economy said in March that the Puerto rico government had “succeeded in meeting its obligation to collect on all outstanding debt” and the debt could be released within a month.

Pru rico was one of the poorest US states when it declared bankruptcy in 2016.

Its debt is the third-highest of all states, after Michigan and Louisiana, according the US Census Bureau.


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