Which NFL team is having the most debt?

As the NFL’s new commissioner, Brett Favre was known for being a tough negotiator.

Now the Minnesota Vikings’ front office is trying to balance the books after years of making huge investments and shedding some big contracts.

The Vikings signed quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to a four-year, $65 million deal that will pay him $31 million this season.

But that’s only $17.5 million of the total $85 million the Vikings owe in deferred pension liabilities.

So how does the team’s debt stack up?

The Vikings are facing the most out-of-pocket payments of any NFL team.

The team’s annual pension plan was $1.4 billion at the start of the decade.

The NFLPA has said it expects the pension plan to fall to $1 billion by 2019.

But the Vikings have a long-term plan in place that pays players $9 million annually.

The Minnesota Vikings are $1,500 per home game, according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The average salary for NFL players is $10 million, according the NFLPA.

In other words, the Vikings’ annual pension payments are about $12 million a year.

But $1 million per home home game isn’t nearly enough to pay off all of their debt.

The NFLPA is suing the Vikings to get the money the team owes to retirees, who have made huge contributions to the pension.

The union wants the Vikings repaid in full and for all future benefits.

The lawsuit also alleges that the team has mismanaged the pension fund and that the Vikings didn’t adequately manage it.

When the Vikings took over in 2006, they had a $2 billion deficit and about $3.8 million in deferred pensions.

It was a big problem.

The plan, which was already in place at the time, required players to contribute to the plan.

But a combination of factors including player salaries and player bonuses went into the plan’s funding, which contributed to the total deficit.

The players’ contribution was increased after the 2010 lockout and has now been cut by about $500 million.

The amount of money in the plan is now about $1 per home.

That’s a huge amount of debt, which the Vikings don’t have to pay down unless they make big investments.

That money can be used for pension and health care payments, but the Vikings can’t borrow it.

The NFL has been trying to make investments to keep the Vikings financially sound.

In 2013, the NFL released a proposal that called for the team to invest $1 in every ticket the team sold.

That plan has grown to $7.2 billion in investments.

But in 2015, the league cut back on the amount of the plan and instead gave the team $5.5 billion.

The teams pension fund is about $7 billion.

That $5 billion plan was supposed to cover $1 trillion in retirement benefits.

The plan had an $8.5 trillion unfunded liability.

That is, the plan was designed to cover only about 20 percent of the team pension fund.

That means the Vikings could pay off about 80 percent of their obligations without raising taxes.

The league decided against it and cut the plan back to $2.1 billion.

So the Vikings now owe the NFL $1 on each ticket they sell.

They have to put that money into the NFL pension plan.

The new plan would cover the rest of their pension obligations, but that still wouldn’t pay off the full amount.

The Vikings could be in big trouble if they didn’t make these investments.

That’s why the NFL is suing to get them to pay back the $2 on every ticket they sold.

The problem is, they’re not in any position to do that.

The current plan only covers about 10 percent of that liability.

The other 90 percent of payments will have to be paid by 2019 or 2020, depending on how much of the Vikings pension plan is in the red.

So if they’re in the black, they could face big losses if they don’t make the investments.

The NHL’s Edmonton Oilers are in a similar position because their team owes $1 each game they sell out.

The problem with the NFL suing is that the NFL has a lot of leverage.

The pension plan for the Vikings was set up to pay for about 40 percent of retirement benefits, and the plan would pay for roughly 85 percent of benefits.

That would make the NFL look like it was trying to cover up the debt by making big investments, which would put the Vikings in a tough spot.

The lawsuit says the NFL should make the Vikings repay $1 for every ticket sold.

But there’s a problem: the Vikings haven’t put out a press release about the lawsuit.

The only media outlets that have been talking about the case are the NFL Network and the Minnesota Sports Network.

It’s unlikely the NFL would want to come out publicly and criticize the team that’s already been sued.


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