Which debt collection companies are out of touch with Canadians?

The Globe and Mail has launched an interactive tool to help Canadians with debt collection complaints.

The tool, available at the top of the article, provides information about the companies and their collection practices and provides a link to the website for more information.

It is designed to help the public better understand how debt collection is handled by debt collectors.

The Globe reported that debt collection agencies are using a variety of tactics to collect debt, including: charging fees to the consumer or their representative; pressuring the consumer to pay off their debt; and making false or misleading representations to the debtor.

Debt collection companies can use deceptive and deceptive acts to collect money owed.

For example, a debt collection agency may threaten to sue a debtor or their legal representative for breaching their contract, or threaten to garnish their wages, if the debtor does not pay their debts.

The law enforcement agencies that are contracted to investigate debt collectors often operate in partnership with debt collectors, making it difficult to verify their actions.

For that reason, some debt collection services are often subject to stricter monitoring by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which requires all debt collection firms to obtain the consent of the CRA.

“The CRA is required to keep tabs on all debt collectors that collect debt,” said Jessica M. MacLeod, a lawyer with the law firm MacLeod & Associates in Toronto.

The CRA is a federal agency that helps enforce the laws of Canada and has oversight responsibilities in the provinces.

However, the CRA has also said it will work to reform the system.

“While the government has made significant progress in addressing some of the key issues highlighted by the Competition Bureau in its 2014 Competition Watch Report, there are more work to be done, including strengthening enforcement and enforcing consumer rights,” said Jean-Denis Démont, the agency’s director of enforcement and compliance.

“There are many additional measures the government can take to address these issues, including expanding the powers of the Competition Tribunal and the Competition Act, and making the debt collection process more transparent and fair.”

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has called for more oversight of debt collection practices.

“As debt collectors get bigger and more sophisticated, the consequences of their behaviour can be more harmful than good, and Canadians should have a voice in how their money is being used,” said Scott Sinclair, the group’s director.

“If you think you may have been a victim of debt collectors and need help, call us at 1-800-778-7858.”

The National Debt Recovery Council, which represents debt collectors nationwide, said the new tool was a step in the right direction, but called for greater oversight of the industry.

“We need to ensure that we don’t just give away consumer money and get away with it,” said Rob Nettleton, the executive director of the NDRCC.

“These kinds of collection practices are the direct result of predatory debt collectors abusing the system to collect more money than they can possibly repay.”


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