How to get out of the debt trap

Posted March 02, 2020 06:23:50A new book titled “The Illini Debt Trap: How To Get Out Of The Debt Trap” has been released in India.

The book details how people who are not yet wealthy can become debt free in the next 10 years.

The author, Shashi Tharoor, who is known for his political advocacy, explains how he got out of this debt trap in India and the lessons he learned.

Read moreHow to get free of debt in 10 yearsWhat are the key steps?

This is the story of a person named Ravi Shankar Prasad who is a self-made businessman who is making a fortune by working as a financial advisor.

He started his career in India as a consultant to small businesses.

However, after a couple of years of working for the government, he realized that he wanted to change his life and started working for himself.

He started his own business in 2009.

The first year was a struggle.

In fact, his company lost money every single month and his debts mounted.

This was not a normal situation.

Ravi was an ambitious young man and wanted to be a big name in his field.

He thought he could create his own fortune.

He had a lot of aspirations.

But the more he thought about it, the more doubts he had.

In 2010, he started looking for a way out.

He approached a number of different people to help him out.

He met one person who said that if he had an investment in his company, he would take over.

He wanted to buy the company.

The other person was a friend of his who he had met at a party.

Rajesh had also started looking into ways of helping himself out.

One day, he decided to start his own venture, so that he could earn some money.

Ravish Kumar had already established himself as a businessman, but he did not want to stay at home.

He went to his local businessman and told him that he was looking for an opportunity.

The businessman then suggested him to come to India and work with him for a year.

He did so and soon he came to know that there was a lot going on in India in the financial industry.

Ravan had the ambition to become a successful businessman, so he approached a financial consultant, who agreed to help out.

Ravan then made his first payment of Rs 50 lakh.

Ramanand Singh, Ravi’s wife, and their son came to Delhi to meet with the consultant.

Rani Chand, the head of Ravi Chand’s investment firm, met them.

They had a meeting with the man who had agreed to be his advisor.

They decided to invest in a mutual fund and they were not aware that the investment company had an affiliate with the company that had a large amount of debt.

They started to talk with Ravi.

They wanted to invest Rs 50 crore.

They started working with him to get the money.

The next month, Rani Chand came back with the funds, which were worth Rs 100 crore.

Rivkumar Gupta, the managing director of the investment fund, took over as advisor to Ravi and started helping Ravi out.

They were working on an investment of Rs 1 crore and the amount of funds they were working with was not even close to the amount they wanted to manage.

Riva Shankar and Ravi were so confident in the future of their business that they even started to work on a plan to go bankrupt.

Rivas and his family started to lose faith in their business.

They began looking for other avenues.

They moved from their home in Bangalore to Mumbai to look for employment in the Indian financial sector.

Ravi was now making money and had a business opportunity to help others, but his life was not in any shape to manage this business.

After a couple more months, Ravan approached a few more people and said, “I will take over as CEO of the company and I will work on this as long as I am able.

You can join me and I’ll manage the rest of the business.”

He was already a very ambitious young entrepreneur and had aspirations to become one of the top 10-15 richest people in the world.

This idea was really a dream come true.

Rama Shankar started to make more money from his business.

Riva and his brother started to start their own companies.

They both worked for Ravi in their various roles.

Rava was now one of India’s richest individuals.

After spending a couple years with Raveesh and Raveen, Raveed and Ravish started to live happily.

Raveh and Ravan were enjoying the life they had planned for them and wanted Ravees future to be in India too.

Raveesh had decided to sell his house in Bangalore and moved to Mumbai with his family.

Ravshish moved from Mumbai to Pune, Maharashtra


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